Victoria Mahler, The psychiatrist #70 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: L. S.

Motto: We are the outcome of our mind.
Gruppo: The employees of the year
Teaser: Human mind is like a chess match to you. You know how to elegantly move the pieces to reach you objectives. Every choice you make is never casual, both in psychiatry, your field of research, and in your daily life. That’s how you conquered a place in the high society. Thanks to your witt and thanks to Senator Conway’s support, with whom you share your ideal. You committed yourself to science because you knew it was a path to power, but now your hunger for power has grown: you found in science a way to obviate human weaknesses, once for all. A new women led society rises from the ashes and you will be part of it.

KEY WORDS: Power, plotting, science, politics, lack of scruples

Legami: Among your patiences there is Ken Albright. You deeply know Diane Reed with who you have a friendly relationship and shared interests. You often meet Phiona Brown (69, she is far too much worried about morality to be a true scientist. However her research will be useful. You get along really well with Eleanor Bush, she is a strong woman and sometimes you look for her advice. You also work with a couple of men. Clearly they are looking for a wife or they are married with one of those women that would allow her husband to work. Gary CLark is among them, your secretary and bookkeeper, who you trust only to count and smile when it’s appropriate. The others are Mark Lovermann Baker, laboratory assistant, Simon Thompson,, who looks like someone who knows which is his place. The last one is Sam Buttler, the cleaner, who you find pleasing scold when you met him in the corridor. You endorse Claire Conway, first unofficially and more recently on record, in her run to the senate. You have a tight relationship with her built on mutual interests and respect.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The employees of the year - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The employees of the year John Mccallum (75 ) interpretato da Gian Paolo M; Gary Clark (74 ) interpretato da Ivan G; Mark Lovermann Baker (72 ) interpretato da Simon H; Phiona Brown (69 ) interpretato da Julia R; Simon Thompson Brown (73 ) interpretato da Frederik Magnus Johansen V; Prudence Cartwright (68 ) interpretato da Pauliina M; Madelyn White (71 ) interpretato da Ana G;