Phiona Brown, The geneticist expert in bioethics #69 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Phiona Brown
#69 - The geneticist expert in bioethics

Interpretato da: J. R.

Motto: You can’t think too much about human beings. You must think about knowledge. But which is the price?
Gruppo: The employees of the year
Teaser: Which are the boundaries of science? Do they match those of your curiosity or they match the ones of your ambitions? These and many more questions are the ones you ask yourself before falling asleep in the evening. If you still can’t sleep, you start to list the names of men who, thanks to their good heart, offered themselves to try your new drugs. The people who call them ''guinea Pigs'' are just foolish. They don’t understand that if nowadays the wheat is harvested is mainly because of men like them.

To science and its development, only people full of courage and passion exist. Those are two skills you don’t lack and they burst every time you try to answer to a new tricky question. The scientific research is a complex and intricate business, demanding focus and self denial. This is why you can’t get fond of your research subjects, or at least you can’t do it on your work place. When the night comes, and you are alone in the intimacy of your bedroom, you allow yourself to think about them, to make sure their sacrifice wasn’t in vain. Although, if they’ve been useless bringing the expected scientific results, you really hope they could be useful to make you fall asleep.

KEY WORDS: science, secrets, vacillation, discovery, sacrifice

Legami: You are married to Simon Thompson: you share with him both your private and professional lives. He and Mark Lovermann Baker are your direct reports. Sometimes you come across Sam Buttler, the cleaner, and usually you try to be nice and spend few minutes talking to him. You are quite sure you are the only one to do it. Your expenses are checked by Doctor Mahler’s bookkeeper, Mr Gary Clark. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable having to deal with him. Your line manager is Eleanor Bush and you work alongside Prudence Cartwright and Victoria Mahler. Victoria doesn’t not even try to hide her ambition and shows off her job title every time she can.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The employees of the year - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a player who prefers intimist characters and conflicts of conscience.

Altri membri del gruppo: The employees of the year John Mccallum (75 ) interpretato da Gian Paolo M; Gary Clark (74 ) interpretato da Ivan G; Mark Lovermann Baker (72 ) interpretato da Simon H; Simon Thompson Brown (73 ) interpretato da Frederik Magnus Johansen V; Victoria Mahler (70 ) interpretato da Lene S; Prudence Cartwright (68 ) interpretato da Pauliina M; Madelyn White (71 ) interpretato da Ana G;