Simon Thompson Brown, The laboratory technician #73 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Simon Thompson Brown
#73 - The laboratory technician

Interpretato da: F. V.

Motto: We, as men, are the cancer of this world.
Gruppo: The employees of the year
Teaser: Man is inferior. So far there are no doubts. It is simple and correct as a trivial mathematical operation. Biology never lies and you are a worthy scholar. Accepting it is equivalent to embrace what the good God has in store for everyone, and nature with its laws is the highest divine expression to be respected with devotion. ''We men have done everything wrong, and now this is our rightful place'' you continue to repeat every time someone reminds how things were different once, in contravention to the rules of good civil cohabitation. You reject that past, so full of faults that testosterone carriers - as you like ironically appealing to males - have perpetuated for centuries. When you are alone in the laboratory , among tubes of blood and other substances, you smile at the thought that you are the one responsible for the synthesis of testosterone. The irony of fate or the mockery of God? Who knows? Lately you are noticing shortages in the stock of the drug you produce, but you're not sure because you struggle to stay focused and you hope it is just your stressful job speaking.

KEY WORDS: extremism, intolerance, intransigence, morality, brutality

Legami: You are married to Phiona Brown, but in addition to your private life, you also share your professional life with her. You both work in the Demetra laboratories. Certainly she is smarter than you and it is no accident that she is one of your managers; on the other hand you are an assistant, and you are happy that she has chosen you as husband. Your work depends on two other strong and authoritative women like the doctors Prudence Cartwright and Victoria Mahler. According to Gary Clark you are a puppet of women, but he does not understand. Among your colleagues there is Mark Lovermann Baker with whom you share the fact that you are the only man employee, unless you'd consider that poor cleaning guy Sam Buttler. In the past you were the doctor of Beatrix Stewart and her husband Martin Stewart. The only sore point is your sister Beth Rottermeier, with whom you do not have many relationships after you have fought when you were kids. She has even chosen to carry your father's surname, a disgraceful thing that makes you ashamed.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The employees of the year - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The employees of the year John Mccallum (75 ) interpretato da Gian Paolo M; Gary Clark (74 ) interpretato da Ivan G; Mark Lovermann Baker (72 ) interpretato da Simon H; Phiona Brown (69 ) interpretato da Julia R; Victoria Mahler (70 ) interpretato da Lene S; Prudence Cartwright (68 ) interpretato da Pauliina M; Madelyn White (71 ) interpretato da Ana G;