Terro Enrio, The impetous henchman #98 [Dracarys - il risveglio della magia]

Terro Enrio
#98 - The impetous henchman

Interpretato da: N. L.

Motto: Even the flames dance; you can't grab them, and who tries will get burnt.
Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere (leggi descrizione gruppo)
Teaser: They say that in Westeros, if a young man from good yet modest family wants to get ahead, he needs to serve a nobleman or a knight. It’s easier in the Free Cities: you just need to find a good swordmaster, and then you can make your own way. A good blade always finds a good paycheck, good gold to spend in taverns and fame to scare pussies and seduce women. It’s easy to find some adventure between a job and the next, you just need to throw yourself in the mix and seize the occasion.
Never go alone: the Water Dance is a symmetrical dance, and you always need a mate to guard your side or cover your back. Even if he’s a bore sometimes.

Legami: He’s accompanying Thorar Vhassel and Quill Volentin, who have hired him to escort them as a bodyguard. Cousin of Orbelo Iorio and life long companion in their adventures. He knows Oggo Vollf from when he lived in Braavos too. Years ago in Braavos, with the help of Iorio, he challenged Three-legs Yajes to a duel: but only through Oggo’s intervention Yajes didn’t kill them both - he just left some permanent marks on their bodies. He knew Senella. During the trip, he’s noticed two mercenaries ogling him every time he trained his sword with his cousin.

Provenienza: International - Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: 25 or less

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