Ayht Xaxon, The resentful Sorcerer #113 [Dracarys - il risveglio della magia]

Ayht Xaxon
#113 - The resentful Sorcerer

Interpretato da: L. H.

Motto: It is by will alone one can wield Magic. It is by the Shade-of-the-Evening that thoughts acquire power, the lips acquire stains, the stains become a warning. It is by will alone one can wield Magic.
Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere (leggi descrizione gruppo)
Teaser: For centuries, after the Doom of Valyria, the House of the Undying has strived to keep alight in the world what Magic was left. Now some of the embers have been rekindled under the ashes, but the cost has been great: the House itself has burned, many of Ayht Xaxon's peers and betters have perished; it is by mere chance that he still lives, and he still bears the marks from the flames. Now his order needs Magic even more; and now more embers are going to be rekindled far away in the West... He will not fail to be there; he can't allow another fire to be set alight by fools who can't control it, lest either it be smothered, or allowed to burn too wild.

Legami: Fellow in the Arcane Arts of Ydlyn Iyidae, who acts as his assistant. Knows Norenno Maegyr, who contacted him for journeying West together. He requested the group to hire a bodyguard for the journey; he's a bit unsure about the guard being a woman, but she looks tough. He'd heard about Illyrio Mopatis, a powerful man in the West; would he be a possible ally, could he be an obstacle? His guards are not to be underestimated - though the Unsullied's strength is in numbers. Lysillo of Pentos could be a good ally, providing his fanatism doesn't prevent him from recognising Ayht is the real expert. Theynian Fyo is one of the richest and most influential men in Qarth; their agendas certainly widely agree, though perhaps not completely. If things get rough, the help of Laswell Peake and his sellswords could be useful; would Theynian be willing to fund their hiring?

Provenienza: International - Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: qualsiasi - any age - Archetipi: (clicca per descrizione) Poteri mistici, Alchimista - Arcane powers, Alchemist

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