Illyrio Mopatis, The wealthy Magister #100 [Dracarys - il risveglio della magia]

Illyrio Mopatis
#100 - The wealthy Magister

Interpretato da: G. F.

Motto: The world is a weaved canvas, and a man doesn't dare touch a single thread, lest the others move too.
Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere (leggi descrizione gruppo)
In Essos, anyone can get their way in the world, if they have the skills and tenacity to do it. The way of the sword is the most common, but it’s a short one: the way of the coin is more difficult to walk, but the longer it’s followed, the higher one can get. Yet when one is at the top, it’s easy to find the scenery boring… so other ways to thread are searched, and places to widen the horizons.
When you can afford to gift dragon eggs, few things are left that can entice you… Yet beyond the Narrow Sea there’s a land full of riches and wonders, and even magic perhaps; no, there’s little left in essos that Illyrio Mopatis could desire, but something he craves is still out there: beyond the sea, there’s Westeros.

Legami: Sponsor of the delegation from Pentos. Your scribe and assistant is Lalaina; at his service, he also has Grey Rat, Brown Lizard e Yellow Dog. He has already visited the Seven Realms, and in the past, in many occasions, you have met Jago Barbanera, Edgar Morgrin, Gideon Lannister, Willas Tyrell and Aemma Tyrell. He knows Brella Oss from past business relationships. In the past, the valiant and reliable mercenaries Three-legs Yajes e Warrek have worked for him. In the past few years, the powerful alchemist Guwyn has worked for him - now he’s working for Lord Anders Yronwood.

Provenienza: International - Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: 33 or more - Archetipi: (clicca per descrizione) Ricco - Wealthy

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