Benedetta Mirandola, The stone-hearted ''Monsignora'' #87 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Benedetta Mirandola
#87 - The stone-hearted ''Monsignora''

Interpretato da: I. M.

Motto: Break the arm of the wicked and evildoer (Psalm 10, 35)
Gruppo: The New Reformed Church
Teaser: God is found in His words, but even more in his vehement hands. One of his slaps can teach more than a thousand psalms. It shakes the soul starting from the body, which is its mortal shell. As a divine emissary you know that the plans of the Almighty are hidden to the eyes of sinners. His Justice goes above and beyond human laws, and must be delivered by every means possible. Despite what everyone else thinks, you consider the Crusades as a proper tool, which men blantantly misused. If those armies had been commanded by women, the Holy Land would have been under the maternal protection of the Immaculate Mary for centuries.
If only could have been there, leading all those swords with your stern attitude, your steely resolve and your righteous zeal! You weren't there at that time, but maybe it's not too late to be there now.

KEY WORDS: faith, ambiguity, secrecy, gamble, manipulation

Legami: Stefania Monforte is a very important Cardinal and a source of inspiration for you. Although she seems softer compared to you, your support for her goes beyond the friendship you two share. You have some influence on Sonia Parker and you like spending time with her talking about faith and souls deserving salvation. You see Clement Sanders as the embodiement of all the mistakes the so called ''men of God'' did in the past. You do nothing to hide the contempt you feel for him. Are women and men equal in the eyes of God? The last encyclicals state otherwise and someone must remind that to males as Clement. Few people can enjoy your absolution after confessing their sins. Frida Perez is one of those, a lost sheep looking for her flock. And you feel you have to be her shepherd. You and Larissa Svetlanovna Leibedev exchanged some letters.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The New Reformed Church - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The New Reformed Church Stefania Monforte (85 ) interpretato da Filippo S; Maria Sforza (84 ) interpretato da Giulia S; Clement Sanders (90 ) interpretato da Omar S; Adelaide Sprenger (86 ) interpretato da Stéphanie G; Sonia Parker (88 ) interpretato da Andra K; Giulio Pacelli (89 ) interpretato da Elio D;