Stefania Monforte, The even-tempered Cardinal #85 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Stefania Monforte
#85 - The even-tempered Cardinal

Interpretato da: F. S.

Motto: My voice brings the words of God. So be free from doubt and come to me. All your sins will be forgiven by the Almighty.
Gruppo: The New Reformed Church
Teaser: A good clergywoman knows her place, and you have not doubts about this. You have been entrusted with an important position within the clerical hierarchy, and now you are Cardinal of the Church, one of the most powerful and influential individuals within the clergy. You had to fight tooth and nail to earn this position, keeping in mind that only a dedicated mind capable of accepting the innovations of the world can be a true beacon for all the believers. You are a good speaker, you know how to tell the right words at the right time and this talent was instrumental in achieving your goal, which is to be considered a plausible candidate for the Papacy. You always spent your time among people in need of affection, and you gave them everything you could, since you believe a good chruch woman should love others before loving herself. You consider men to be more blessed than cursed, as they will meet the mother and father after a short life of suffering. This is the most beautiful gift that God could give them. Let the will of God be done.

KEY WORDS: faith, ambiguity, deception, exploitation, secrets

Legami: Your trusted attendant is Clement Sanders, who follows you wherever you go. You know very well Benedetta Mirandola with whom you maintain an excellent friendship. You have repeatedly discussed on your respective and different lines of thought with Maria Sforza, recognizing them both correct. You met Kirk Douglas II and you gave him the sacrament of confession.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The New Reformed Church - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Recommended for a person with a good property of speech and language skills.

Altri membri del gruppo: The New Reformed Church Giulio Pacelli (89 ) interpretato da ElioD; Benedetta Mirandola (87 ) interpretato da Ida M; Sonia Parker (88 ) interpretato da AndraK; Adelaide Sprenger (86 ) interpretato da StéphanieG; Clement Sanders (90 ) interpretato da OmarS; Maria Sforza (84 ) interpretato da GiuliaS;