Giulio Pacelli, A cleric of noble lineage #89 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Giulio Pacelli
#89 - A cleric of noble lineage

Interpretato da: E. D.

Motto: Those who fear the Lord are not afraid of anything, and do not fear because He is their hope.
Gruppo: The New Reformed Church
Teaser: You are a cleric of the Reformed Church and you belong to a family of noble Roman ancestry, who served as servant of the Roman Catholic Church for at least two centuries. Pope Pius XII himself was your uncle. Even when the Church was changed, you didn't sway from family tradition and chose to serve Cardinal Maria Sforza, the most likely candidate for the papal seat. There is no humiliation or sacrifice that you are not willing to stand in this role, because God cleary gave you a purpose, and God's will must never be quetioned. You will be unshakable and will silently face all the countless trials the Lord will place on your path. And this because His is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory forever. His holiness Pius XII, your blessed uncle who sits in heaven among the angelic hosts, would approve your zeal and your devotion to the Holy Scriptures.

KEY WORDS: faith, tradition, idealism, sacrifice, secrecy

Legami: You are an old friend of Blake the poet. You met him during your theological studies and even though you two have different ideas, you quickly got along well. You are part of Cardinal Maria Sforza's entourage. She is the most traditionalist of all candidates to the Papal seat. However, you have the utmost respect fort her main opponent Stefania Monforte. You also respect the Camerlenga Sonia Parker and you seem to be intimidated by Adelaide Sprenger. You pray often wth the pious Gabriel Cartwright Byrne. Recently you have been seen at a gladiator show, and this surprised a lot of people.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The New Reformed Church - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The New Reformed Church Stefania Monforte (85 ) interpretato da Filippo S; Maria Sforza (84 ) interpretato da Giulia S; Clement Sanders (90 ) interpretato da Omar S; Adelaide Sprenger (86 ) interpretato da Stéphanie G; Sonia Parker (88 ) interpretato da Andra K; Benedetta Mirandola (87 ) interpretato da Ida M;