Stan Hartman, The Secretary of the administration #11 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Stan Hartman
#11 - The Secretary of the administration

Interpretato da: A. A.

Motto: If only I could sit in your seat, I would have already done so, so I'm content to sit next to you
Gruppo: The Demetra Management
Teaser: Raised as the only male in a family of women, you immediately had the honor to learn what the world outside the four walls would have reserved for you. You were always obedient to the commands of your sisters and your mother, but now those who command you are the Minds of Demetra. As secretary of the administrator, you have the privilege, reserved for a few men, to be able to enter the Control Room. Little do you care if they fill your arms with paperwork to sort out or if you have to answer or filter their countless phone calls or to serve coffee showing off your best smile; what really matters to you is to sit, for another day, on the roof of the world .

KEY WORDS: envy, ambition, secret, liberation, devotion

Legami: You are the personal secretary of Sinéad Byrne and you always do your best at work. You are an important help for her so much that she always wants you by her side. Marie Hartman and Liz Hartman are your older sisters, one working as a security guard, showing her worse side as a rough woman, the other dealing with the management of the workers, where she was just promoted. You know very well Isaac Rothschild, you helped him to do a job for his mother and from that day you became good friends. You met Selene White, offering her a drink, and you instantly clicked.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Demetra Management - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Demetra Management Angela Dunn (3 ) interpretato da DevinS; Catherine Rothschild (1 ) interpretato da LucaN; Melanie McNauss (7 ) interpretato da KatharinaK; William Taylor (13 ) interpretato da AidanS; Selene White (5 ) interpretato da AnnachiaraS; Gabriel Cartwright Byrne (12 ) interpretato da JohannesO; Harry Miller né Williamson (14 ) interpretato da RaphD; Aaron Taylor (10 ) interpretato da YohannT; Isaac Rothschild (9 ) interpretato da AndréL; Sinéad Byrne (4 ) interpretato da Céline B; Abigail Miller (6 ) interpretato da WiboraB; Eleanor Bush (8 ) interpretato da MartinaR; Diane Reed (2 ) interpretato da ChiaraT;