Isaac Rothschild, The heir #9 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: A. L.

Motto: Sparks of invisible flame impress the mark of hell on my exhausted soul
Gruppo: The Demetra Management
Teaser: You're just a boy. Your mother, the wealthiest woman in the world, has always substituted your desires with hers, living your life. Now the responsibility of giving a future to the Demetra weighs on your shoulders like a boulder that you can not bear. A future, of course, what a ridiculous word to you! But what does it mean to say ''your future'' if this will have to depend on another woman, the one that your mother will put alongside you, and not from you? There are no ways out, or at least you can not see them, shaking off the weight of your name is certainly not a simple thing. This kills your soul, even before the disease will destroy your body. Sooner or later all the anger and frustration will find a way out: in a word or in an action you are sure that you will finally be yourself, you will fight for it, and your mother, perhaps, will understand the terrible mistakes she has committed .

KEY WORDS desire, oppression, danger, redemption, manipulation

Legami: You are the son of Catherine Rothschild and most of the time you can not stand her attitude towards you. You asked for help from Stan Hartman for a job that your mother had assigned you and from that moment on you became very good friends: you admire him and you know you can trust him. You would like William Taylor, your mother's lover, to get out of the way and leave you alone, you certainly do not need a father; even if he tries to please you, you can not tolerate him. After an interview with Anna Goodwin, you were pleasantly on good terms with her. The poems of Blake move you a lot, you can't wait to meet him.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Demetra Management - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a player willing to take the spotlight and receive directives from the staff during the event.

Altri membri del gruppo: The Demetra Management Angela Dunn (3 ) interpretato da DevinS; Catherine Rothschild (1 ) interpretato da LucaN; Melanie McNauss (7 ) interpretato da KatharinaK; William Taylor (13 ) interpretato da AidanS; Selene White (5 ) interpretato da AnnachiaraS; Gabriel Cartwright Byrne (12 ) interpretato da JohannesO; Harry Miller né Williamson (14 ) interpretato da RaphD; Aaron Taylor (10 ) interpretato da YohannT; Sinéad Byrne (4 ) interpretato da Céline B; Abigail Miller (6 ) interpretato da WiboraB; Eleanor Bush (8 ) interpretato da MartinaR; Stan Hartman (11 ) interpretato da AlessandroA; Diane Reed (2 ) interpretato da ChiaraT;