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Noel Gallo, The Face of the Company - #104

Noel Gallo
#104 - The Face of the Company

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: L. M.

Player's notes:

Motto: One may wonder: who names a space station Icarus? What kind of asshole possess that much hubris, that he dares it to burn? Well, that would be me, because I strongly prefer hubris to fear.
Work Group: Management

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“We bear the burden of leading and caring”
Within the Kowmang Mining Kowlective, the recruitment process for managers is more than a good practice, is something to be proud of. The company is always looking for highly qualified and specialized managers, but also allows employees who prove their skills, values and commitment to the company to climb up the ladder and gain a top spot. Managers run the shift schedule, perform reviews to examine who might get promoted or demoted and solve any problems that might arise among the employees. They are tasked with running the station and keep the operations smooth, productive and as profitable as possible, but without ever forgetting that Kowmang deeply cares for its workers and Icarus must be kept a friendly living environment. The hardest task is probably working in close contact with the Commissions sent by Earth and Mars, who are supposed to cooperate with the company to avoid any jurisdiction issues.

Teaser: Kowmang is a friendly enterprise and Gallo is the perfect friendly face to represent it. One of the founders of the company, Gallo invested time, money and heart into the Icarus Station project, and now that this huge bet is ready to pay off, this demanding and perfectionist manager is here to run it, and to see it succeed. Nobody knows who’s hiding behind that mysterious and charming smile, because Gallo is kind to everybody yet close to none. Whether this voluntary isolation is a personal policy or a work-related precaution, it must feel uncomfortable to be at the top of the pyramid, alone. The top manager on the station doesn’t seem to care that much: focusing on Icarus and its economic results is all that matters, which is why Gallo personally inspects every inch of the station, often pays visits to the Scientific Lab, and always double checks every piece of information. Being thorough is a virtue, of course, but people wonder if Gallo can actually trust anyone…

Relations: Gallo and Valdemar are very close friends who support and trust each other. Shadid is a cheerful precence in the team, much appreciated by Gallo. Kenzo has an odd personality and sometimes forgets where the company comes from and which values it shares, which could be problematic. Linder is the opposite of Kenzo, if only Linder and Valdemar could get along everything would be much easier. Gallo respects all the members of the Martian and Earther commissions, but Leandros and Russo are the most easygoing in their respective teams, and Gallo's favourites. Pan and Yu are the trainers Gallo usually works out with, but without any personal involvement, of course. Hayfeld is a broken man, but also a top level technician. Getting such a high profile worker on Icarus was a masterstroke. Stiegssen keeps complaining, and is starting to seen more as pain in the ass and less as an asset.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: Demanding role. - Shift: Omega

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