Lucius Kenzo - personaggio per Icarus - run italiana [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Lucius Kenzo, The Half-Blood Prince - #106

Lucius Kenzo
#106 - The Half-Blood Prince

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: G. N.

Player's notes:

Motto: “Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”
Work Group: Management

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“We bear the burden of leading and caring”
Within the Kowmang Mining Kowlective, the recruitment process for managers is more than a good practice, is something to be proud of. The company is always looking for highly qualified and specialized managers, but also allows employees who prove their skills, values and commitment to the company to climb up the ladder and gain a top spot. Managers run the shift schedule, perform reviews to examine who might get promoted or demoted and solve any problems that might arise among the employees. They are tasked with running the station and keep the operations smooth, productive and as profitable as possible, but without ever forgetting that Kowmang deeply cares for its workers and Icarus must be kept a friendly living environment. The hardest task is probably working in close contact with the Commissions sent by Earth and Mars, who are supposed to cooperate with the company to avoid any jurisdiction issues.

Teaser: When humanity first sailed to the stars, it forgot to create new words to describe those strange emotions born from the space age. One of such words, one of such sentiments, is the terrible and bitter nostalgia for a place never once seen, that can poison the hearts of those living in the Belt. It’s a common disease, like a plague of the soul, and yet we have no name for it.
Kenzo suffers from this illness. Although of earthen descent by father's side, L. was born on Ganymede and constantly dreams of blue Terra, compulsively collecting everything related to the ancestral cradle of mankind. Kenzo firmly believes that pure humans can only be found on Earth. Not only they are physically superior to those born in space, but earthers also seems to be the only ones with a stable mind in a solar system verging on madness. Martians are nothing more than fascist warmongers and Belters, well, they are filthy and grotesque criminals or terrorists, merely a parody of mankind.
Kenzo dreams, one day, of being able to set foot on Terra and being able to withstand that merciless gravity.

Relations: Gallo is not at all a typical Belter, which is good, but why doesn't the boss seem to trust Kenzo? Adeyemi is one problematic belter, has been reported two times and reproached by L. Iris needs to be monitored: people in this boss' team keep asking for directions to management rather than their own boss, which is just annoying and highly ineffective.
There is something strange about Shadid and Kenzo doesn't trust that strange HR chief.
Kenzo has a soft spot for Connor, the scientist who often comes to report troubles and harassment. Linder looks like a pretty interesting person.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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