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Logan Yu, The winking bartender - #89

Logan Yu
#89 - The winking bartender

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: E. B.

Player's notes: Do you need something? Here I am. To serve and respect!

Motto: Let's make a night you won't remember, I'll be the one you won't forget!
Work Group: Leisure Workers

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“In a mining station, high morale is as important as well-kept equipment”
Kowmang Mining Kowlective cares deeply for its workers, that’s why different kinds of entertainment are available and the best personnel has been selected for the task. Gym trainers are in charge of mandatory exercise sessions in order to ensure the employees’ fitness, bartenders serve cocktails under dim lights, and sex-workers are ready to take care of any other specific need. Everything -and everyone- in the Leisure Area is bound to pleasure and to the station’s entertainment. Working in the leisure area means being part of a relaxing spot located in the middle of an harsh and sometimes dangerous environment. It means being a friendly face always ready for a beer or a workout session, a shoulder to cry on or someone to turn to for friendly advice.

Teaser: Icarus Station is not heaven and work is hard, but Yu always tries to find the best way to enjoy it and let customers have fun. Leisure workers are charming, nice and very patient, and Yu takes pride in being one of the best, and an expert at satisfying all requests with a warm smile - sometimes even anticipating. Perfect as a bartender, good as a sparring partner for boxers and gym trainer, caring as a sex worker, many people want to spend their free time with this lovely belter. Every bartender knows that one of the job's fundamentals is to be a good listener, and Yu is very brilliant at making people feel at ease and cared for. This is the best job anyone could wish for, gym, drinks, massages and chats: what else is there if not entertainment and positive vibes? Even when the stories are boring and the customers aren't nice, Yu bears with everything patiently and keeps the rest of the feelings for moments of introspection and meditation. Yu is enthusiastic and sunny, funny and likeable, always interested in others' stories and gossip. Call that perfection.

Relations: Gallo is a boxe enthusiast and often arranges friendly matches with Yu: the manager is the ''face of the company'', a pretty delicate job. Waybourne is a dedicated worker, but also one of the reasons a shift can turn into an headache: Yu listens to those misfortunes with an understanding smile. Silva trains whenever possible, the earther has a lot of rage to let go of. F. Ortega is a talented colleague and a good friend.
Yu met Vasiliev through a sexy chat some years ago. Here on Icarus they are close and spend time together, speaking and whatnot.
Nowak is a Star Helix rookie and a very nice and enthusiastic person that gives off an excellent vibe.
The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender, Yu.
Pan is a gym master but usually doesn't have many occasions to spar with Yu. Demeter is a nice boss, very charming.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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