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Alice Russo, The former doctor without borders - #65

Alice Russo
#65 - The former doctor without borders

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: I. Z.

Player's notes:

Motto: Human rights must be for everyone, otherwise they should be called privileges.
Work Group: Earth Commission

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“Cooperating is often tougher than leading”
Icarus is a privately owned mining facility, but past events and an unstable political situation require a closer look on the mining operations. Both Earth and Mars sent their own delegations to keep a stable and trusted presence on the asteroid. Their main task is to ensure the extraction of precious fissile material proceeds as planned, and to see the agreed royalties are paid in full each month. Both commissions are made up of top level personnel selected among the elite of their planet: high-tiered Diplomats in charge of the delicate inter-planetary relationships, Military personnel appointed to oversee security and Scientists entrusted with supervising studies in the Labs. Being part of one of such delegation means representing one of the major powers operating in the Solar System, someone prepared for any challenge.

Teaser: Many believe that doctors and nurses working on asteroids like Tycho Station, should just perform surgery and patch people up, no opinions or speaking up. Not doctor Russo! You take an oath as a doctor that everyone should be taken very seriously, and Russo absolutely did that from day one. Unfortunately, sticking to those ideals didn't turn out well in this doctor's carreer.
“If any of us, any of us humans, is currently suffering, is sick or hungry, it has to concern everyone. Ignoring the suffering of a human being is always an act of violence, and among the most cowardly.” Those were Russo’s last words before being involved in smuggling meds on Tycho Station. There was a radiation accident, and Belter workers were badly exposed and surely condemned to die. Russo didn't wait for any official approval, moved a cargo full of meds destined to an Earthern facility, and dispensed pills to contaminated people.
The doctor was caught, stood trial and lost the license as a temporary measure. Luckily some of the UN top officials are actually decent people, who still appreciated what Russo did for Earth over the years: the former doctor was assigned to a consulting job, and sent to Icarus as a punishment, or more likely as a test. Now Russo is considered both a hero and a traitor for what happened on Tycho Station. It depends on the way you look at it.

Relations: Faulkner is one of the few Earthers on the station who really understands what it means to be on your own. Surprisingly likes talking with private and coy Cheng and -unsurprisingly- with experienced Rozovsky about the relationships between Mars and Earth. Silva and Adeyemi are curious and noisy; Russo even reported the latter's behaviour to management.
Kalu is also from Tycho, and Russo is happy to have that nice and chatty Belter around.
Russo had a disagreement with Perrin. Since then, they have stayed clear of any discussion about race. When Russo received the assignement it was pretty clear the going to Icarus was a punishment, but it didn't look like it until Castillo showed up as the one in charge of the commission. Clearly, the captain was the punishement!

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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