Sir Charles Cowdery, The general #33 - Keystone - ENG 1 (sito)

Sir Charles Cowdery
#33 - The general (età Adult - 28 years or more)

Personaggio de [ character for ] Keystone - ENG 1 - Interpretato da [ played by ]: J. M.


Player's notes:

Motto: We become intesively alive when resurrecting the dead: elevating ourselves to such a level of wholeness we can exist at our best until we turn into dust as well - because nothing else had been left. What remains is minor or an illusion.
Group: High Society
Teaser: A real man must be self-made and aim for the most complete perfection. With the spirit, with the body, with a trade, with social position. The world is not made for the feckless and cowardly. Only those brave enough to climb every mountain can reach for the highest throne and be part of the luminous society of the future. You are one of them: decorated general of the Army of Her Majesty, illustrious peer of the realm, devoted husband and loving father. Every environment is a base for your next ascension, an altar from which you tower above the masses. Your conquests derived from a divine light reflecting on you that illuminates others. Eevery step in your life traced a trail to this summit and what is not yours already is simply waiting to be claimed by your worthy hand. Your station will not blind you from recognizing the value of the people you hold dear. Like the most elegant dome is support by steady pillars, you stand high thanks to a pair of unwavering columns. Hanson is your trusted servant, a rentless spirit, support and assistant in every quest. Johanna is your beautiful unrivalled wife, patient everyday confort, strong and gentle, highest soul and championess of charity and elegance. Without them you would be nothing.

Relations: He always travels with his butler Alfred Hanson. Married with Lady Johanna McEwans. He often has lunch at the Gentlemen's Circle with Lord George Cadogan. During his life in the Army he met Captain Philip Lawrence. He finds the impertinent attentions of Cedric Constantine Crosby annoying. He met Msgr. Mattei during a grand tour in Rome and they got to meet in many occasions. At the high sociey parlours he got to talk with the courteous Katherine Douglas Scott quite often and some pleasant chats with Lindsay Brennan.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Nationality: British - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Adult - 28 years or more - Advices: Character with a complex personality conflicted with inner opposite forces yet more multifaceted than he seems. Perfect for the player who wants to dig into ambition and psychic weakness. - HARDCORE - anyone who chooses the character must be open to playing intense and special scenes, which may be unpleasant or embarrassing for some

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