Heinrich von Wissman, The German ambassador #54 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Interpretato da: B. D.

Motto: We are but poor mortals! The world judges our conduct not by our motives, but by our success. What is left to do but to be successful?
Group: High Society
Teaser: Coldness, efficiency and planning are the words that, day after day, dominated your life as a young descendant of ancient Prussian lineage, related to no less than Kaiser Wilhelm I. Your destiny was written before you were born, when your father planned a diplomatic career at least as brilliant as his own for his heir, striving in every way to plant in your rigid childhood the seeds of success that was due rather than hoped for. The mirror now shows you the effigy of your old parent's pride, the man who promoted the Berlin Conference to become the face of Imperial Germany in Europe and especially in East Africa. These unbearable colonial territories are a mess of sand, negroes and underdevelopment, but they are also fundamental bricks for Prussian supremacy in the world. Stakes are so high that the game does not allow for such distractions as pity, remorse or morality. Winning is all that matters, thus the means used are a secondary and meaningless issue... On the other hand, only losers and failures must justify themselves.
Some call this attitude of yours ''obsession with control'', but the opinions of the weak do not interest you and you know that what moves you is nothing but a sharp and unshakable determination. No one can have the right to make you turn from your destiny of greatness, as no one has the right to threaten what you possess. The climb up to the top cannot be stopped and does not allow compromises.

Relations: He's travelling with his maid Katrina, knows Countess Luisa Gigli Cervi de Robilant and has gotten close to her after the death of her husband, the Italian ambassador, to whom he was a friend. He is acquainted with English ambassador Lord Francis Winsely. He had close relations, not always friendly, with Senator Costantino Nigra. Thanks to him Friedrich Gunter Kroyer was appointed as archaeologist in Ethiopia.
He has often had government meetings with Lord Evelyn Baring who is currently Governor of the Suez Canal.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Group: High Society - Nationality: German - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: A character with a complex personality, suitable for a player who does not fear hard themes. He will be involved both in difficult personal relationships and in politics, as well as intrigues.

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