Annie Besant, The political activist #38 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Annie Besant
#38 - The political activist

Interpretato da: L. T.

Motto: Christian leaders consider women to be a necessary evil. The ''greatest'' saints are the ones who despised women the most
Group: High Society
Teaser: Many wise people speak of the ''maternal instinct'' as a woman's primary virtue. Annie Wood ticked that box when she was twenty and gave her husband , the anglican pastor Frank Besant two sons (an heir and a spare). Her duty done, she could distance herself from this authoritarian and violent husband but could never divorce and get her surname back. It would bring too much scandal to a man-of-the-cloth. The ''absolute right of a father'' trumped Anne's ''maternal instinct'' so she silently accepted separation from her children to save them pain. To fill the void, she adopted another cause: to become a mother to all the helpless children, a sort of universal charity giving assistance to orphans, the ill and poor people. Her social involvement introduced her to the circles of radical intellectuals, republican firebrands and masonic lodges. On July 1888, the female workers of a London match factory went on strike against low wages and the dangerous chemicals used to make matches. They called upon Annie Besant whose political fame was well established. She supported them and the strike ended in a week with some concessions. On that day she discovered another measure of her value: being a mother and a sister to all the oppressed women.

Relations: Eileen Walsh is her personal maid. She is close friends with Mary Shaw. She had a significant correspondence with Emmeline Pankhurst whose words remain inexplicably cold despite Annie's kindness. She knows that Lord Gordon Asherton hates her because she publicly supported the strike at his factories. She is a good acquaintance of the journalist Paolo Valera. She knows the fame of Cedric Constantine Crosby, but is suspicious of how he treats his workers. She wrote him several inquiring letters. During her trip to America she met the young Nellie Bly.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Group: High Society - Nationality: British - Gender: Female - Player's Age: Adult - 28 years or more - Advices: A charismatic character for an active player who likes speaking in public. She will be involved with action plots that will make him think about her convictions. She has a romantic storyline.

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