Alfred Hanson, The visiting butler #15 - Keystone - ENG 1 (sito)

Alfred Hanson
#15 - The visiting butler (età Adult - 28 years or more)

Personaggio de [ character for ] Keystone - ENG 1 - Interpretato da [ played by ]: M. W.


Player's notes:

Motto: I don't believe a man can consider himself fully content until he has done all he can to be of service to his employer.
Group: Servants of the Guests
Teaser: All things have a sorted and pre-established place. Alfred learned it as a child, when he understood his position in society. From that day he was known only as Hanson, because the servants are known exclusively by their surname. To his mother, a maid, he was ''the little Hanson'' to whom she taught the strict rules to follow to set the table. To his father, a butler, he was '' kind-hearted Hanson'', the one to inherit the secrets of how to attend his current master faithfully, but always with a certain remoteness. In the British army working for the general, he was ''Hanson, the tidy soldier'', because of his scrupulousness in keeping the uniform, boots and weapons clean. In the Italian family with which he worked as a butler, to the mistress he was ''Mr Hanson'' superintendent of all the household servants. For some time there, he did the job of ''serving'' with impeccable skill, a mission for which is worth sacrificing everything, until the lady of the house started to call him Alfred, and this was no longer part of the order of things. He decided to return to England and re-embrace his origins. He found employment as a butler with his former army general, for whom he is still irreplaceable as chief of the household servants. Thus, he returned to be only Mr. Hanson, as usual, sadly reminding himself that all things must have a sorted and pre-established place.

Relations: He works as a butler in Sir Charles Cowdery’s household, his former army general. Previously, he was a butler in the household of Countess Luisa Gigli Cervi de Robilant. During his service in Her Majesty's army, he got to know Captain Philip Lawrence. In Avogadro’s villa, he meets the butler Derrick Gravehound for the first time. He does not agree with him to any large degree on how to conduct the domestic activities.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Downstairs - Nationality: British - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Adult - 28 years or more - Advices: An intimate character, with a game based on his own feelings and inner conflicts, but without excluding involvement in plots and investigations. -

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