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P. Leittmann, The clever and nosy smart ass - #70

P. Leittmann
#70 - The clever and nosy smart ass

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: P. R.

Player's notes:

Motto: Come on pal, I'm sure you know a couple of stories worth telling...
Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab

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“Care, at the right place”
The medical lab is a multi-purpose work environment in charge of keeping track of the station’s sanitary standards and critical life-support systems. Highly skilled physicians constantly manage the Life Support System, monitor the oxygen production and regulate its distribution throughout the whole complex. Competent doctors care about the personnel in need of routine medical check-ups or surgery, and botanical experts manage the essential plants grown in an advanced and and fully-automated Hydroponic Farm, which is the main oxygen source for Icarus Station. Being part of the Medical Lab staff means being an highly skilled and adaptable professional, capable of handling routine scientific operations as well as the most complicated emergency surgery procedures. But above everything else, being part of this team means caring about human life, whether it is Earther, Martian or Belter.

Teaser: Leitmann can be easily defined as an ''sponge for information'' whose ''thirst for knowledge'' sometimes clashes with other people's privacy. While always respectful of medical privacy, Leitmann always tries to pry into other people's lives, usually out of curiosity. A smart attitude, a silver tongue, two prying eyes and a job as medical assistant was all it took to gain a grasp on what was happening on Ganymede. However, those days on Ganimede are long gone, as Leitmann ended up finding life on that huge greehouse dull and boring. Sure, being part of the medical team made everyday life a lot easier, but administering routine treatments to the same people and listening to the same complaints over and over really tested Leitmann's patience after a while. Then something happpened, and Leitmann left Ganimede overnight for a six year tour as medical staff on many different cargo freighters, exposed to different and interesting people and situations. When the opportunity to work on Icarus came up, Leittman swiftly took it. A newly opened mine on a contested asteroid with a troubled history is definitely a place where one can find something interesting.

Relations: Pavlov is an old acquaintance from Ganymede, and a true hero. Pavlov's actions are the only reason why Ganymede is still populated. Seeing Soyinka around was a real surprise. Everyone thought Soyinka hit the jackpot by marrying a rich manager, so why the hell is Soyinka still working? And why here? This company really hires everyone, as they even brought onboad Scott the laziest ''ne'er do well'' who ever set foot on Ganymede.
Strangely enough, Dr. Constantin is not happy with Leittmann's poking around with gossips and stories.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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