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Walter Pavlov, The Bossy "Chef" - #13

Walter Pavlov
#13 - The Bossy "Chef"

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: E. B.

Player's notes:

Motto: My gran could do better than this... and she's dead!!!
Work Group: Food Lab

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“We produce quality”
Kowmang is a Kowlective, which means it’s a family that takes all aspects of the well-being of every employee very seriously. On Icarus, lunch and dinner breaks are not just moments to shy away and quickly consume a cold pre-packed meal! The opposite is true, as every meal is a chance for interaction, that’s why food lab operators meet everybody and knows everything that’s going on in Icarus. Icarus is equipped with a food lab and mess hall, where both social and nutritional aspects of every meal are fully cared about. Through the latest model of HyperNourish 3d food printer and Auto-Mealer computer interface, Food Lab personnel is in charge of the vital task of feeding the Station. Being part of the Food Lab means planning which nutritious elements are going to be produced by the printer, and in which form; but also struggling to get enough energy in order to reach the full potential of the system and serve healthy and balanced meals. Managing the station’s scarce resources is anything but an easy and menial task. Provisions may run low, but with creativity and adaptability, Food Lab is always capable of responding to every crisis.

Teaser: Many people say Pavlov is a hero, on Ganymede. Indeed, W. has all the traits of a hero: bluntly honest, loyal to colleagues and management. Moreover, the food boss saved the station from a critical massive food poisoning, realizing just in time that something was wrong with the system. W. was only doing what needed to be done, as always, but this skilled food engineer is the best in the whole solar system, and it finally showed. It's pretty clear that those chatty, lazy colleagues will never reach Pavlov's expertise, but maybe with some ass-kicking and some spot-on insults will wake up their frozen brains.
Pavlov is generally rude and rough, goes straight to the point, is politically incorrect, often sarcastic more than ironic, and never takes responsability for someone else's fault. Incompetence should always be punished, for everyone's sake. That's why yelling, mocking and bossing is part of Pavlov's job - admittedly, one that the food boss performs with a certain amount of amusement.
Pavlov's fame on Ganymede paid off, giving the Belter the best job position available on Icarus, with both the responsibilities and the wage that the ''Chef'' was looking for. Leading a food lab on a station like this is not an easy task, especially leading this bunch of pathetic idiots, but Pavlov will do it as flawlessy as always, and anyone can bet their life that W. will straighten those morons, and they will become the best team in the station.

Relations: K. Ishida is clearly a troubled person, there's something wrong in this belter's past, or brain maybe... in any case Ishida is pretty reliable, especially compared to the others. E. Kalu is always smiling and chatting with other workers, no drive or focus, this one needs to deal with reality sooner or later: the best way is to let E. discover there's nothing to laugh about during shift hours! J.Rahal is a real pain in the ass for the whole team, lousy, lazy, presumptuous, and incompetent. Zogby might be an inspiring advocate of Belter's rights, and that's fine, but if that ''beratna'' wants to steal Pavlov's job and lifestyl, Pavlov will make it a living hell for Zogby.
Sometimes Pavlov shares a drink or two with Kohler who is a sad soul whose golden days are long gone, but is also someone who had the guts to roll up the sleeves and start over. And this, at least, is worth some respect.
K. Soyinka and Pavlov met before Icarus, this one is a well-wala who worked in management for some earthen company on Ganymede. Leitmann is just annoying, always meddling. C. Silva is curious and nosy, always asking too many questions about the job... maybe Silva is tired of being a miner and wants to move to a different team?

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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