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Jaden Rahal, The ex cop who misses the old job - #16

Jaden Rahal
#16 - The ex cop who misses the old job

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: M. R.

Player's notes:

Motto: To catch the bad guys, you've got to think like a bad guy - and that's why all the best detectives have a dark side...
Work Group: Food Lab

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“We produce quality”
Kowmang is a Kowlective, which means it’s a family that takes all aspects of the well-being of every employee very seriously. On Icarus, lunch and dinner breaks are not just moments to shy away and quickly consume a cold pre-packed meal! The opposite is true, as every meal is a chance for interaction, that’s why food lab operators meet everybody and knows everything that’s going on in Icarus. Icarus is equipped with a food lab and mess hall, where both social and nutritional aspects of every meal are fully cared about. Through the latest model of HyperNourish 3d food printer and Auto-Mealer computer interface, Food Lab personnel is in charge of the vital task of feeding the Station. Being part of the Food Lab means planning which nutritious elements are going to be produced by the printer, and in which form; but also struggling to get enough energy in order to reach the full potential of the system and serve healthy and balanced meals. Managing the station’s scarce resources is anything but an easy and menial task. Provisions may run low, but with creativity and adaptability, Food Lab is always capable of responding to every crisis.

Teaser: Life is unfair. It doesn't take a genius to get that, right? And yet, if you happen to be a genius, its unfairness hits you even harder, because the smarter you are, the quicker you realize how screwed and miserable humans are bound to be. That’s been Rahal’s burden in the past years: being too bright to be truly happy. Of course things can always get worse, and usually they do, that’s how one of the most dedicated and effective Star Helix cops was kicked out, and ended up accepting any minimum wage non qualified job to make a living. Rahal now works as a Food Lab operator, misses the old job and complains about the waste of potential that affects society. There was no real joy in this Belter’s life except for the thrill of the investigation, the heat of a difficult case, the intellectual challenge followed by the almost orgasmic satisfaction in uncovering the Truth… and now it’s all gone. Nevertheless, you can strip away a job from a natural born detective but you cannot take away the curiosity that drives a sleuth’s brain, and since serving nutritious kibble occupies less than 1% of Rahal’s attention, the rest is still obsessed with mysteries and secrets and investigation.

Relations: Pavlov is the worst team leader imaginable, Zogby is annoying most of the time. Kalu is quite ok, but maybe a little too cheerful. Ishida seems interesting and in need of help. Okita used to be a colleague, and now mocks Rahal all the time. Mackinney was a colleague too, but the two of them are still friends and Rahal often offers unrequested comments on security matters. Gresset has been a friend, and more, it was a long time ago, but Rahal's still holding a grudge. Rahal knows almost everyone coming from Eros, especially the ones who were questioned by Star Helix at some point in the past.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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