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Barbara Faulkner, The miracle worker with a bad reputation - #8

Barbara Faulkner
#8 - The miracle worker with a bad reputation

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: B. C.

Player's notes:

Motto: When you feel true passion for your job, even being kicked out of your home planet for doing it properly can be bearable...
Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab

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“Care, at the right place”
The medical lab is a multi-purpose work environment in charge of keeping track of the station’s sanitary standards and critical life-support systems. Highly skilled physicians constantly manage the Life Support System, monitor the oxygen production and regulate its distribution throughout the whole complex. Competent doctors care about the personnel in need of routine medical check-ups or surgery, and botanical experts manage the essential plants grown in an advanced and and fully-automated Hydroponic Farm, which is the main oxygen source for Icarus Station. Being part of the Medical Lab staff means being an highly skilled and adaptable professional, capable of handling routine scientific operations as well as the most complicated emergency surgery procedures. But above everything else, being part of this team means caring about human life, whether it is Earther, Martian or Belter.

Teaser: If life is really defined by what one does for others, then Faulkner can be already considered a hero. A tenth of the people living in the slums of New York owe Faulkner their lives, and the good doctor never asked anything in return. Faulkner is a good hearted (maybe too much), competent and generous doctor, who never refused to treat a patient in need, regardless of social status. However, the good doctor's charitable activities attracted unwanted attention, and Faulkner was suddenly discredited and treated like a fraud and a charlatan. With tearful eyes and a heavy heart, Faulkner chose to follow the passion for medicine and left Earth. Starting a new life from scratch was not easy, but thankfully medical skills are a rare commodity in the expanse and KMK showed up: they don't usually ask much about people's past and offered Faulkner a job on Icarus.

Relations: Gabrys is smart, but there is something strange about this colleague. People working in a med-lab should definitely be more focused. Maathai is slowly losing any connection to med-lab activities. All that rant talk about Mars and the martian environment is not helping anyone, and here no one cares about that dust bowl full of fanatics called Mars. Rozovsky is someone hard to forget, a very dangerous polititician who leaves scars on other people's lives. Russo is a kindred spirit, a little too rushed, perhaps. Faulkner patched up Donovan after the accident in the mines and now can't get rid of that crazed, racist, paranoid one.
Faulkner doesn't get along very well with Luna, but then again, who does? In the end, the two tolerate each other much better than the other teammates do. Has tried to get in touch with Woo but it seems like there is an impenetrable wall of diffidence between the two doctors.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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