Meredith Taylor - personaggio per I ribelli della montagna 1 [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Meredith Taylor, The English nurse -- L'infermiera inglese - #1

Meredith Taylor
#1 - The English nurse -- L'infermiera inglese (età Adult )

Personaggio de [ character for ] I ribelli della montagna 1 - Interpretato da [ played by ]: M. A.

Note del giocatore: [ player's notes ]

Motto: They could choose between shame and war. They chose dishonor, and there will be war.
Gruppo: [ group ] Artigiani
Teaser: When they ask you to volunteer, noone tells you about the dreads of war. Meredith landed in Sicily in 1943, following the UK army as an auxiliary of the Allied Medical Division. She managed to reach the coasts of Calabria, where the Axis forces caught her as a prisoner. They took her by train to an internment camp near Florence. After that, a group of SS soldiers brought her to a mountain valley, near Montelupo, where a group of partisans of the ’’Stella Rossa’’ (Red Star) brigade freed her, during an assault to a weapon stockhouse. Those rebels, Paolo Gamberini called Birra, Sgt. Ray Richardson called Inglese, Adele Veronesi called Edera, never presumed that under the shreds was hiding a woman. They found her in a small shed, out of the SS camp, where they thought to find guns and ammunition. She arrived in Montelupo exhausted, on the shoulders of Birra. She is convinced that Allies will come soon, and so she decided to stay in the village. Now she is helping who is in need, and she hates war, and what war is causing to these poor Italian people.

Legami: [ Relations ] She is in closeness with Sgt Ray Richardson, surely for language matter, but also for the nature itself of their friendship, born in a dreadful situation. She is now friend with Clarina Piazza called Cicci, sharing with her the desire of the end of the war. She is feeling in a strange way regarding Paolo Gamberini called Birra: since the first time she saw him, she hated his riotous way of thinking and behaving, but sometimes, when she looks at him... her heart beats.

Provenienza: [ Origin ] Abitanti di Montelupo - Razza: [ race ] - Sesso: [ sex ] Femmina - Età del giocatore: [ player's age ] Adult - Consigli: [ advices ] INTERNATIONAL PLAYER - Archetipi: [ archetypes ] Active

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