Ignacio Morgado Escudero Cortéz, The duelist dandy & master of sword #6 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Ignacio Morgado Escudero Cortéz
#6 - The duelist dandy & master of sword

Interpretato da: E. F.

Motto: Hola, me llamo Escudero Cortéz, tú mataste a mi familia, prepárate a morir.
The Crew
Teaser: THEMES: revenge - pride - honour - a new family

Escudero Cortéz has been a legend for years, the ability to master fencing is well known, as well as the iron code of honour and the elegant taste for clothes, jewels and people. Once Escudero's word has been given, it is carved in stone, and the same goes for challenges and bets, of course. Given the line of work and tendency to duel over any issue, the fancy swordmasters is admired by many, but also hated. So much glory, so much honor, and unfortunately so many enemies. Sadly, some of those many enemies killed the Cortéz family while the fencing master was on Melee Island trying to teach the noble art to an undeserving idiot. Not only Escudero had to live with the first failure of a brilliant and flawless career, but while wasting time on Melee Island I. M. wasn't there when they killed Father, Mother and little brother. Now it's time to avenge the family, but to succeed in this, one must know who the killers are and unfortunately the criminal boss in possession of this piece of information has asked for a fortune. Now it is time to earn a rich loot and then avenge the family, unless some other oath or revenge gets in the way.

Relations: E. Aguilar Garcia De la Santa Maria Juana used to be a friend, but years ago they argued and they never managed to settle the dispute, there is still tension between those two. C. M. Colon de Portugal Y Ayala was the worst pupil ever and possibly the reason Escudero's family got killed. At least V. Portero is a nice and interesting person. R. Farìa challenged Escudero to seduce the famous unattainable escort E. Dion.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Spanish - Gender: unisex - Advices: This character teaches others the art of the sword, the player should be comfortable with pretending to be a fencing master.