Perle Lafitte, The pirate's child, bound by a promise #23 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Perle Lafitte
#23 - The pirate's child, bound by a promise

Played by : T. P.

Motto: Take what you can, give nothing back.
The Crew


THEMES: honor - social climb - ambition - individualism

Two orphans abandoned to themselves after a series of tragedies shared the same troubled path, but in the end they became two completely different people. Rational, scheming, prudent, but also opportunistic if necessary, P. Lafitte has ambitions and desires that must be kept hidden, because one thing was inherited from the deceased father: a sense of honour. The Lafitte siblings made a promise to each other when they were kids, an oath to avenge their father and follow his path in piracy. Unfortunately this is not the life that P. pictured growing up, because their father also used to be a respectable and rich merchant before throwing away everything to become a pirate, and that's the legacy one should aspire to.
Divided between what would be desirable and what must be done to stay true to a silly promise, the future is very much uncertain.


J. Lafitte   and P. Lafitte are siblings, and orphans, after a tragedy occurred to their family. They grew up on Melee Island counting on each other, but they are very different people and they usually argue, a lot. While P. cannot stand Tamirez  , shares a weird friendship with E. Aguilar Garcia De la Santa Maria Juana  . There are very few people to whom P. Lafitte is usually kind, and those are C. M. Colon De Portugal Y Ayala  , R. Pulling (11 ), and even fewer people who are respectable and interesting, like V. Portero   and W. Barker  .

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