Laswell Peake, The exiled sergeant #121 [Dracarys - il risveglio della magia]

Laswell Peake
#121 - The exiled sergeant

Interpretato da: m. m.

Motto: There have been men who, in sweat and blood and fear, had the fortune of believing and fighting for the Golden Company.
Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere (leggi descrizione gruppo)
Teaser: The Golden Company: a small army, better trained, richer and more powerful than any other band of mercenaries on this side of the Narrow Sea. Where power and ambitious lies, there goes the Company: it has always abided by their contracts, a sort of honored tradition that guarantees the best wages and the best conditions. History wants the Company on the Western continent again, to claim what many a soldier lost, bastard sons or defeated heirs, soldiers like Laswell who fought on the wrong side of the great rebellions of the past.
Only one thing is for certain: with the Company under his command, what seems like a simple business trip might turn into a more stable permanence.

Legami: He is assisted for the first time by his son Unwin Peake; he thinks it’s time for him to become a man and face life. He’s got all the men of the Golden Army under his command. He doesn’t really trust anyone, aside from Lysa Maar: she’s always been working for the Company, and her strange congeniality has always been appreciated by the veteran. He has kept in touch with Ser Manfred Dondarrion and he hopes he’ll be able to help him in his endeavour. In the past, he’s met Emer Taler and liked him right away: he commands his labourers the same way he does with his soldiers. Three-legs Yajes is a valiant mercenary, a former captain in the Golden Company; Laswell was under his command until Yajes decided to leave the Company and right hand Warrek also known as the Bastard Stallion of Mereen; Laswell was promoted after that. When winter started, he bought a fur coat from Belario: it’s good and warm, but the merchant insisted it was a much higher value.

Provenienza: International - Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: 30 or more

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