Thorar Vhassel, The Iron Banker #91 [Dracarys - il risveglio della magia]

Thorar Vhassel
#91 - The Iron Banker

Interpretato da: M. M.

Motto: Money is like sex: if you lack of it, you think about it all the time. If you have it, you can think of something else.
Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere (leggi descrizione gruppo)
Teaser: Everyone knows Lannisters are famous for ‘repaying their debts’, but even to the other side of the sea the Iron Bank reminds everyone it ‘will have its due’. And it appears the Lion owes some gold. Thorar is the right man for this kind of matter, people say he’s never allowed even a single coin of discount from his debtors.
Why not, then, seize the opportunity to find other powerful people worth of his services - because money, like power, is never enough.
And perhaps there will be one, among the lavish people gathered for the wedding, who’ll tickle his uncontrollable appetite - a new pastime.

Legami: Sponsor of the delegation from Braavos. He will collaborate with Quill Volentin to have a common line of action and get the money back. His direct debtor with the Lannisters is Lord Lucion: he’s heard some rumors about him and can’t wait to have a chat to make him understand it’s not a good idea to keep the Iron Bank waiting. When Lady Gryselda Hightower was in Braavos for business he made sure to show her the city, and some say he’d have gladly shown her something else too; the relationship is friendly, anyway. He’s the main agent for Vogg Knuth for the little account the merchant has at the Iron Bank. With Quill, he’s hired some henchmen: Terro Enrio and Orbelo Iorio;although he doesn’t fully trust them, he understand it’s always better to use any means necessary, even the unconventional ones, to secure a negotiation. Sometimes steel is more convincing than the tongue. He’s been very impressed by the charisma of Lady Tyrissa. He suggested Belario to join the delegation; the two had collaborated in the past, especially when there had been profits for both of them. Some years ago Oggo Vollf worked for him a couple of times. He has known Edgar Morgrin for many years; he’s the official who manages the relationship of the rich merchant with the Iron Bank.

Provenienza: International - Gruppo: Free Cities - I viaggiatori delle Città Libere - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: from 24 to 36 - Archetipi: (clicca per descrizione) Ricco - Wealthy

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