Yu McDougall, The brawler, goon of a powerful criminal boss #10 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Yu McDougall
#10 - The brawler, goon of a powerful criminal boss

Played by : N. F.

Motto: You gotta do what you gotta do!
The Crew


THEMES: inevitability - desire for a normal life - revenge - friendship

If you had to sum Y. McDougall's life in a few words, the best one would probably be: ''Stop whining, start working''. It's never really up to you to decide what you'll end up doing, so once it's there, you better just fucking do it. It's easier, both on your mind and on your liver. Even if what you have to do is work for the mob. And it would have worked so well if it wasn't for those damn feelings. The ones that made the Irish leave Melee Island and embark on the ship, the ones that stopped Y.'s hands when Pulling was supposed to end up dead. The boss will not be happy when she finds out about this, and the stupid remorse wasn't even worth Pulling's forgiveness. Y. knows that feelings suck, then why it is so difficult to shut them down? If only there was something else to think about, like for example making the real culprit pay...


Gresset   is a sworn enemy.
Castillo   is the only real devout person, to whom Y. confesses everything.
Pulling   was the only real friend, but things went south and Y. wants to make ammend.
Blackguard   failed a job, so it had to be done; and c'mon, it was only a couple of ribs.
Langer   really tries to change, it's something one should sympatize with.

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