Sam Buttler, The cleaner #67 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: D. G.

Motto: Why don't you just leave me be? Leave me be, let me fly away... fly away
Gruppo: The Laborers
Teaser: No one knows how old you are, and why should they even ask? No one cares about you, you are meaningless... invisible, Old Sam, Poor Sam. Although you can be strong, unlike a woman can be, but still strong.

Old Sam, you have clear eyes to look at the sky, you stare at it, lost in your own world. A world full of stars, clouds, sun, moon and an endless deep blue. Good Sam. Who is Sam? I am. Every other day you clean the offices and every other day you clean the laboratories. One day the offices, and the following one the laboratories. Offices, Laboratories... with your shiny trolley full of brooms and brushes, the whole world waits for you to shine. However the world hasn't always been shiny and clean. You left your shadows behind. After all you have been through... isn't a shiny world the most wonderful thing? You would just like to fly, fly away... But before you can do that (please, please remember to remember... it's important) you have something to finish... Shut up, smile, pretend to be nice and smart. If someone asks you to do those things, just shut up and nod. You smile and make her happy. You know how to do that, you work hard, you just want them to think that you are useful, that you know which is your place... and then... yes yes yes yes, you have something to accomplish before you can finally fly away.

KEY WORDS: loneliness, dementia, pain, altruism, abuse

Legami: You are the offices' cleaner and you know all the employees: the sad Mark Lovermann Baker with all those bruises, Simon Thompson Brown the blood tests' man, and all those sharp doctors: Prudence Cartwright, you think she doesn't even know you exists, Phiona Brown, the lady you try to avoid, and Victoria Mahler, she makes you you shiver. If the fearful Eleanor Bush arrives you try to hide the best you can ... You are one of the five lucky employee selected to take part to the great party organised by the Demetra: Isabel Price, Beth Rottermeier and Liz Hartman and last bt not the least Barbra Koenig. She scares you the most.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Laborers - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a player who wants an interpretive challenge. This character has suffered and suffers heavy abuse so we recommend it to those who are not disturbed by these issues.

Altri membri del gruppo: The Laborers Beth Rottermeier (65 ) interpretato da MartinaC; Liz Hartman (66 ) interpretato da AngelicaZ; Isabel Price (64 ) interpretato da NadineS; Barbra Koenig (63 ) interpretato da Francesca R.C;