Barbra Koenig, The worker with an obscure past #63 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Barbra Koenig
#63 - The worker with an obscure past

Interpretato da: F. C.

Motto: It is in the darkest moment of our life that every spark of light looks like a burning pyre.
Gruppo: The Laborers
Teaser: You are one of the most productive workers in the logistics chain. You work and you never complain. Yet the others know that in some way you are not like them. Your language is complex, well-educated, and you often have simple answers for their most complicated questions. When they ask you what your previous job was before working there with them, however, your face darkens and you give no answer at all. You give little confidence and never go along your girlfriends to the strip bars where the most attractive men show their graces provokingly. There was a time in which Demetra management went to visit the production and logistics plants: you got sick, and your coworkers noticed your absence, which made them even more intrigued about your dark and mysterious past. When at the lottery, you won the chance to attend the 50th anniversary meeting of the Company, many were amazed to see that you accepted, and to see in your eyes a new, strange light.

KEY WORDS: mystery, secrets, fear, redemption, guilt

Legami: You work as a laborer in the supply chain, but you have been seen to change direction so as not to meet the manager Eleanor Bush in a corridor, which puzzled your fellow workers. There are four other laborers who were drawn to participate in the event: Isabel Price with whom you seem to get along well, Beth Rottermeier who appreciates your intelligence and your culture, something she's rather lacking in, and the highest ranked among you: Liz Hartman. With her, you have never had any disagreements, given your efficiency. You have often tried to be kind to the only man in the group, the cleaning man Sam Buttler, but he does not seem to appreciate your attempts.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Laborers - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Laborers Sam Buttler (67 ) interpretato da DavideG; Isabel Price (64 ) interpretato da NadineS; Beth Rottermeier (65 ) interpretato da MartinaC; Liz Hartman (66 ) interpretato da AngelicaZ;