Paula ''Derecha'' Rodriguez, The religious soldier #46 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: C. J.

Motto: I pray You, Virgin Mary: look benignly at us, who have left our homes to serve with weapons. Help us, so that, with the strength of our faith, we are able to offer our prompt obedience, our serene dedication, in respect of the commandments and of your Holy Church. |
Gruppo: The Elite Security Services
Teaser: The good Christian does not fear anything: she trusts in the Lord and His strong arm. She must be tough, because there are too many servants of evil and filthy subversives. People who want to overthrow the order of Creation and bring chaos. You trust in the hierarchy and you have faith in the Lord Almighty. The Virgin Mary watches every step of the fearful and faithful woman, guides her towards righteousness, protects her from the pitfalls that lie in her path; the Almighty helps the strong woman while the weak one forfeits the role which was given to her by the Scriptures. You believe in righteousness, in violence when necessary, without vainly indulging in it; violence should have a purpouse, else it is the work of the Devil. They call you ''Derecha'', the right hand, for this reason: your hand has never been stained with acts against innocent people. You have a sixth sense in finding sinners, and often you look at everyone, deeply and inquiring; who is guilty often lowers their eyes. The hand Derecha is implacable and inflexible with the wicked, like the justice of God.

KEY WORDS: legality, faith, violence, compassion, obedience

Legami: You belong to CommanderMarie Hartman 's private military body and you are one of the toughest members, along with Grace Vinnegar Sanders, and Sarah Parker. There is also a new recruit Archie Goodwin, a man. You are sure it will be really hard for him, and he should be hardened every way possible, without breaking him. Men are weak and do crack easily. You certainly do not want to hear him whining. Debra Prince is really smart but she's ok and even Mark Spatafora is very efficient, certainly more than his girlfriend Stephanie Jandali.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Elite Security Services - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Elite Security Services Marie Hartman (43 ) interpretato da LeaM; Debra Price (48 ) interpretato da IreneO; Vivian Baker (44 ) interpretato da GabrielaM; Stephanie Jandali (49 ) interpretato da GiuliaW; Archie Goodwin (51 ) interpretato da ArnaudT; Mark Spatafora (50 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Sarah Parker (47 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Grace ''Vinegar'' Sanders (45 ) ancora in cerca di interprete;