Grace ''Vinegar'' Sanders, The Sergeant #45 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Motto: Fidelity is of the dogs towards the masters, loyalty is between human beings.
Gruppo: The Elite Security Services
Teaser: When family betrays you, when someone takes your loved one away from you, all you have left is to find a new home. The team is your family, your home. You know that your colleagues will watch your back, that the Captain will be honest and that if they fuck up you'll be there to skin them alive. That's why they call you Vinegar: because your tongue is sharp and burns like vinegar on a wound. If insulting or abusing a soldier would bring their skin back home, then they need this and you'll know how to push them.

an insult will serve to pepper a soldier's ass and make him bring his skin back home, sometimes they need this and you know how to give it to them. Nobody will take away what you have conquered and maybe one day you will get what you want in the secret of your heart.

KEY WORDS: loyalty, devotion, grudge, passion, frankness

Legami: You are under the orders of Marie Hartman, who commands the company and who trained you when you entered the ESS, and Vivian Baker her second in command. You have often rebuked and treated roughly Paula Derecha Rodriguez , Sarah Parker and Stephanie Jandali during the operations. The first two have understood very well this is your role: often you drink something together in your free time. You try to encourage Archie Goodwin, even if trouble seems to follow him like a shadow. Before joining the ESS you had a family and a brother: Clemente Sanders; however, he moved away cutting family ties.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Elite Security Services - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Elite Security Services Marie Hartman (43 ) interpretato da LeaM; Paula ''Derecha'' Rodriguez (46 ) interpretato da CarolaJ; Debra Price (48 ) interpretato da IreneO; Vivian Baker (44 ) interpretato da GabrielaM; Stephanie Jandali (49 ) interpretato da GiuliaW; Archie Goodwin (51 ) interpretato da ArnaudT; Mark Spatafora (50 ) ancora in cerca di interprete; Sarah Parker (47 ) ancora in cerca di interprete;