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D. Constantin, The respected doctor - #71

D. Constantin
#71 - The respected doctor

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: A. M.

Player's notes:

Motto: I might have just the right thing for you...
Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab

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“Care, at the right place”
The medical lab is a multi-purpose work environment in charge of keeping track of the station’s sanitary standards and critical life-support systems. Highly skilled physicians constantly manage the Life Support System, monitor the oxygen production and regulate its distribution throughout the whole complex. Competent doctors care about the personnel in need of routine medical check-ups or surgery, and botanical experts manage the essential plants grown in an advanced and and fully-automated Hydroponic Farm, which is the main oxygen source for Icarus Station. Being part of the Medical Lab staff means being an highly skilled and adaptable professional, capable of handling routine scientific operations as well as the most complicated emergency surgery procedures. But above everything else, being part of this team means caring about human life, whether it is Earther, Martian or Belter.

Teaser: According to D. Constantin, working as a doctor on a mining station is as demanding as mining itself. Injuries, sickness, diseases and paranoia are on the daily menu, and being able to provide the right meds for everyone is not an easy job. Everybody needs you, and your mission is not letting anyone down. The bright side is that this role is well considered, and Constantin has prestige even among the other colleagues in the lab. It's a respect that's almost reverence, and a god-like aura seems to surround the doctor. Constantin takes advantage of that, and is very arrogant most of the times. But recentely, people have begun to notice a shadow on the doctor's face: a heavier burden than usual is bringing Constantin close to the edge.

Relations: Iris is the boss, to whom Constantin is always ready to give advice and support.
Of the many scientists working this shift, Connor is a weak and pathetic being and Constatin makes sure to show that to everyone.
Also Miambo is not much of a doctor, full of self-doubt and insecurity. Leittmann is a prying nosy pest whose mouth should be sewn shut eventually, and there is no real sympathy from Constantin. Zarani is someone who understands the cycle of life, and the doctor likes that. Constantin sees Zarani's tough outer shell is nothing but a cover to a soft heart, but Constantin could be a good mentor.
On Eros Laing is well known as a brilliant scientist: Constantin believes that such a mind is wasted here on Icarus.
Constantin has a good relationship with management, especially Shadid who is eager to listen to advice and suggestions. The sweet care of Demeter is the only relief from pressure in the doctor's busy life.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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