Sentinel, The swift buccaneer who never misses a shot #9 [Against All Flags - FR]

#9 - The swift buccaneer who never misses a shot

Played by : A. B.

Motto: What matters is not the weapon, but the man.
Group: Mission's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission  , Tew and Caraccioli  . Mission's group includes the core crew that has been with her since the foundation: Quinn  , Ace  , Kraken  , Sentinel   and Tortuga  . They were joined in 1688 by three Malagasy whose village was destroyed by the British: Kimera  , Lizard   and Labuan  . Last to arrive is Tew's daughter, Storm  , who moved from Tew's group to Mission's one in 1693.

Mission's group is defined by the fact that it has been in Libertalia the longest. Its relationship with the other groups is from this point of view which is rather privileged, but possibly based on claims that nowadays are no longer relevant.


As a rule, while the others are still assessing a situation, you have already acted. Most of the time resolving the problem, other times getting into trouble. You have no half measures and tend to decide quickly which side you are on. A buccaneer must think quickly and act with precision: she has no time to waste on long discussions. Everyone has admired your promptness in the past and will admire it even more in the future. Tough times lie ahead, and you will be on the front line to defend what remains of Libertalia. But be careful, Sentinel, that your readiness does not turn into haste. For haste, as everyone knows, is a poor advisor.


Rascal   is cunning in a way that does not bode well.
Bellamy   is always ready to follow you in your undertakings.
Skully   is a capable leader.
You and Kimera   support each other.
You feel unappreciated by Mission  .
You and Similay   have clashed in the past; you consider her a coward.
After what you've been through together, Quinn   has trouble recovering, Kraken   tries to keep you together and you know that without Tortuga   you all wouldn't be here.

- - Group: Mission's group - Nation: France - Character's Age (playable by anyone): adult - Advices: This character will receive a rental rifle from organizers, paying €25 - Keywords: Talent Initiative Doubts

Other members of the group: Mission's group Labuan (5 ) Played by Bruno P; Kraken (8 ) Played by Damien M; Kimera (3 ) Played by Michael B; Lizard (4 ) Played by Jean-Christophe M; Quinn (6 ) Played by Thierry D; Tortuga (10 ) Played by Rosaire J; Mission (1 ) Played by Félix R; Ace (NPC) (7 ) still looking for its player ; Storm (2 ) still looking for its player ;