Glenda McKinstry, Faculty of Law #34 [So Young - ENG]

Played by : G. A.

Club or Secret Society: Bloomsbury Group
Faculty: Law


If Academic Excellence itself was dressed in a Devington uniform, it would be the spitting image of McKinstry. Loved by members of faculty, hated by fellow students, McKinstry’s brilliance is matched only by their smugness. With a straightened back, head held high and the conceited smile of someone who already knows the answer, McKinstry’s presence in the auditorium is impossible to ignore. The sarcasm, careerism, meticulous planning and competitive drive are characteristics which obviously do not attract a lot of friends. Especially not when combined with McKinstry’s habit of making detailed accounts of their own superiority while mocking the childish antics of their peers. But friendship has never been a priority for McKinstry, not when there is so much on the line. Because every lecture, seminar and examination is of vital importance for what is to come. The history of top grades and flawless scores stand as a testament to McKinstry’s ability, and nothing can be allowed to besmirch that legacy now. Whether anything or anyone can pierce this cold-heartet exterior is a mystery, perhaps most of all to McKinstry themself.

Lessons attended:

Faculty courses: Law, Rhetoric, Ethics
Elective course: Literature
Extra-curricular course: Choir

Bloomsbury Group

This is the literature club, inspired by the historical group of which Virginia Woolf, among others, was a member. Its adherents are also editors of the school newspaper, the well-known 'Bloomsbury', famous for its sharp, ironic and biting remarks, always signed in the name of the editorial board, in order to protect the freedom of expression and the identity of its members. The Bloomsbury is always looking for sensational news and scandals: nothing matters more than truth and expressive liberty.


It is not easy to capture your attention, but D. Maddock   is an exception. Between you there is a mixture of rivalry and mutual respect.
S. Cunningham   doesn't like you at all, but you have to tolerate their presence in the Bloomsbury Group.
M. Scott   questions your leadership and decisions.
You instructed M. Hill   to write a disparaging article on E. Shaw  , but Hill disobeyed you and changed the story, comparing Shaw to the Oracle of Delphi.
B. Henton   is unbearable to you. Their spinelessness drives you mad. How can they be at Devington? Were there really no more deserving people? The mere sight of them sometimes annoys you.
You feel a reverential admiration for Devington's headmaster, T. Conway  , with whom you would love to build a connection. You also greatly admire C. Coltman  . They perfectly embody the spirit of your great nation!

Faction Devington's students - Faculty: Law - Bloomsbury Group - Gender: any - Player's Age: any - Advices: B&B - this character sleeps in the B&B, in the quintuple room B, paying 55€ extra

Other members of the group: Law Valentin Roger (41 ) Played by André L; Ada Owen (44 ) Played by Nathalie R; Helen Mason (31 ) Played by Karolina S; Opal Britton (35 ) Played by Lorène D; Cameron Lloyd (42 ) Played by Cyprien D; Alexander Hamilton (36 ) Played by Oscar H; Therese Saint-John Talbot (43 ) Played by Beatrice F; Wallace Hutton-Finch (39 ) Played by Letizia B; Douglas Maddock (33 ) Played by PIERLUIGI D; John Howard (38 ) Played by Carlo C; Karen Dudley (37 ) Played by Livia P; Ira Crooks (32 ) Played by Stefano Kewan L; Neill Gray (40 ) Played by Pierpaolo Z; Patrick Campbell (45 ) still looking for its player ;