Effie Shaw, Faculty of Liberal Arts #15 [So Young - ENG]

Effie Shaw
#15 - Faculty of Liberal Arts

Played by : E. G.

Club or Secret Society: Orbium Caelestium
Faculty: Liberal Arts


Shaws seems unaffected by anything that happens. They analyse what they see with detachment. It is not disinterest, quite the contrary. They are very interested in what they see. For example, it is interesting to listen for the turns of phrase that are used to simply not tell things as they are, or the lies that are told to cover up the obvious. Sometimes it seems that a strange game is going on around them, of which everyone else knows the rules, but not Shaw. It often happens that they point out something very obvious, and that ends up infuriating more than one person.
They fail to understand the basic rules of the society around them. They always say what they think, without any malice - indeed, with a disarming candour. Very often, however, what they say breaks unwritten rules. They have a total disregard for the division between the Gifted and the Donors. Shaw only follows what they care about: music, first and foremost. Their nickname is "walkman".

Lessons attended:

Faculty courses: Literature, Art, Latin
Elective course: Astronomy
Extra-curricular course: Athletics

Orbium caelestium

Those who look at the stars, look the right way. Members of the Orbium Caelestium wonder about the movement of the planets, the starry skies, and are guided by the suggestions of the zodiac, astronomy and astrology. They are said to be able to see the future, or at least that is what they strive to do: to know themselves and outline what is to come, probing into the complex workings of the cosmos. The Orbium does not only believe in Magic. The Orbium is magic. It shapes the world according to complex processes, which can be read in the stars or in ancient stories, in tarot cards or in unknown runes. For the members of this secret society, there is so much more than just Reality.


S. Adams feels the need to tell lies to please people, but they do not do it with you, which is why your relationship is particularly open and sincere.
L. Hill wrote an article comparing you to the Oracle of Delphi. You have never understood the reason for this article, but you have started a friendship.
S. Bromfield picks on you and looks at you with contempt. Who knows why.
C. Preston seems to have taken you under his wing.
V. Roger, C. Lloyd and T. Saint-John Talbot are an exclusive little group whose main activities are: bragging, throwing parties, and mocking the school losers, among whom they include you.
C. Marshall has a quirky and sincere personality that amuses you.

Faction Devington's students - Faculty: Liberal Arts - Orbium Caelestium - Gender: any - Player's Age: any - Advices: VILLA - this character sleeps in the Villa, with camping bed and sleeping bag

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