Bogdan Stella - personaggio per Icarus - run italiana [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Bogdan Stella, The all-addiction addict - #28

Bogdan Stella
#28 - The all-addiction addict

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: A. I.

Player's notes:

Motto: What am I celebrating, you ask? Don't you know? It's Good Friday Day in Latvia...What is Latvia? Hell if I know! Want a sip?
Work Group: Reactor Room
Teaser: Before the Savior's Second Coming, Stella is determined to have many sins to atone for, and to enjoy life in any way possibile, whatever the consequences. B.'s Bible is the partying book, where on each day are listed many festivities worth partying for. Would it be for the Namibian independence, or for the Chinese New Year, every occasion, real or made up, it works for Stella. B. is the life of the party, wahtever the activity at hand: smoking all night, emptying bottles, doing crystals, sniffing from someone's belly after or before or while having sex. B. likes them all: drugs, men, women. Often at the same time. When not too high, Stella is smart and cunning, especially whenthere's a need for new stuff to get high on. Thanks to a nice brain, B. works enough not to get fired, despite being too lazy to waste any energy on something that's not the chance to get high. Generally Stella is lively, friendly and funny, but sometimes jokes or timing are largely inappropriate. Despite not being a renown OPA, B. can often get in a ranting mood when high, and publicly denounces how belters are mistreated. Stella deeply resents Earthers: B. used to be treated like shit back on Terra. At least now, shit is everywhere. Even if overly aware of these life's conditions, Stella doesn't do anything to improve it, as if too scared or lazy to commit to even try to change lifestyle. Sometimes Stella can get bitter and sad about the addiction, but this is just a downside that pushes B. to get wasted again and forget all about it.

Relations: Considers Guzman some sort of ''friend'', as is one of the unjudgmental few, who sometimes even happen to help in Stella's own ''quest''. Cheng is one uptight, judgy Martian ass, unable to relate to anything with an heart or a mouth, despite the effort in trying. Cruz is often mean, as if resentful for something Stella doesn't get. Claymore is one friendly face even amidst the substance induced euphoria, it's nice to be rewarded with appreciation from someone. Knows Donovan, a harmless crazy miner, and Ibanez, a pompous judgy asshole from the Cult. Likes poor Linder, and would like to help getting out of Frost's influence. This one is a violent, racist shitbag, the only thing that protects Stella from that bastard is being an Earther. Okita and Woo are so fun to be around! They know everyone, have been everywhere and always have something to tell! Likes hanging out at Szyslack place. Strongly hates Perrin and everything that the earther represents, even if the two were friends once. Met Whedon once, and got along very well from the start; they liked to have fun together. Adeyemi might be rich but does not behave like a spoiled brat and is so fun to have around! And that Gabrys is a blast: always bringing the craziest stuff to taste: they had the most epic trips together. Every workplace has its own grumbling party crusher, and on Icarus hunt plays that role all too well.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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