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Isaak Cheng, The stiff-ass Martian - #26

Isaak Cheng
#26 - The stiff-ass Martian

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: p. b.

Player's notes:

Motto: Be anything you can be.
Work Group: Reactor Room
Teaser: Cheng is a hardworking and motivated engineer, with a strong ethic and skills. There is something martial in the way I. is serious about the job; Cheng is willing to do what needs to be done and will follow through even when faced with setbacks. Not exactly warm and friendly, even if not for a lack of effort, the engineer is a good team player, able to work cooperatively with coworkers, follow directions but also lead the team if called upon. Even when trying, somehow Cheng lacks the ability of being pleasant and accommodating; it's not just the rough personality, it's the constant anxiety from having to prove to be competent, and maybe the self-induced isolation of someone who had to struggle to climb the professional ladder. A little coy, the Martian engineer is also very private, and all about the job: Cheng keeps away from other Martians and their politics, trying to lay low and not be judged for being born on the Red Planet. The Belt can be a very harsh and racist place. Therefore, it comes as a surprise when the shy and workaholic Cheng randomly turns into a vehement advocate for free will, for making one’s own destiny, and for building individuality without anyone telling what to do or what to become. Such intensity makes wonder whether or not I. has achieved such independency, and, most importantly, what's in this Martian's past.

Relations: Guzman is brilliant and capable, but is also a bully; for now, Cheng has refrained from any retribution, and tries proving the other one wrong. Wolf is kind of weird, competent, but also curious and ready to jump right into unproven theories. Cheng helped the colleague during one of such experiments. Was one of those restraining Cruz aftthe attack on one of the bosses; despite this, they got along fine, as neither of them is a great talker. Resents Stella as is barely functional and is wasting away. Loves hanging out with Vega and always has warm attentions for the sex-worker, paying or not. Was heard by Eweli speaking about freedom and individuality while defending Vega from Dove; the two have been friends since then, but Cheng is now scared of having caught Dove's unwanted attention. Happend to overhear Russo and Rozovsky speak of the peace process and joined the conversation. Frost is just a bully but is powerful and mean, and Cheng prefers to lay low. Myeong was a good, old friend back on Mars, then they had a huge fight and lost touch. Hunt is a competent technician on some sort of personal crusade, and Cheng looks like one of the few who earned Hunt's respect.

- Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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