Kailane, The storyteller with a mysterious past #13 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

#13 - The storyteller with a mysterious past

Played by : M. C.

Motto: If you leave the old road for the new, you know what you leave but you ignore what you'll find.
The Crew


THEMES: new life - secret - treasure - fear

Kailane doesn't like to talk about the past, as had suffered because of slavery, and although Kailane is able to turn the conversation with some hilarious jokes or funny stories, the gaze is often pierced by worries and fears. Anyway the native is a skilled storyteller and everyone loves to hear the legends of the seven seas and the origin of the New World. Sometimes the Caribbean would like to go back to the past, in a place and with a role that gave an impression of security and stability, while now, free to do everything, Kailane has the impression of being hunted by regrets... and maybe not only by them. But everything can be turned into a good story, and sailing on a vessel in search of ancient treasures is among the best ones.


It is not clear how, but Kailane and J. A. Martinez de Sotomayor surely were bounded by the destiny.
They become the followers of Adima the great and Kailane tells stories about native legends.
Kailane has known Tamirez for a long time, and they share a similar past. Kailane is very interested in Guamà's stories about spirits and sea legends. As soon as Lafitte siblings have begun to search crew members, Kailane immediately offered to go with them.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Caribbean - Gender: unisex - Advices: This character is skilled with use of dialectic, so the player should be comfortable with speeches and with telling stories.