Sibylle Pascal called ''Adìma the great'', The runaway con artist #28 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Played by : L. D.

Motto: Yes, of course there is a remedy for that. Payment upfront
The Crew


THEMES: comedy - voodoo - histrionic

Adìma is the most powerful, the most incredible, the most venerated Voodoo witch in town! With a little bideebeebup here and a little sprinklylittlethingy there they can heal you, conquer your true love, or let youhave a little chat with the dead ones. For the right price of course.
Being so famous certainly has its downsides, and Adìma knows a thing or two about dealing with envious people, that just cannot deal with them being so... great!


Necessity creates strange friendships, and so the bond with Martinez   and Kailane   was born.
M. Gresset  , the two used to work together until the day they decided to scam each other.

It's better not to speak with Guamà   due to different point of views.

F. Farìa   paid good money for one Voodoo mojo. Same did a scraggy little fella, P.Domingos  .

Cobb   for sure is one big cow to milk.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: French - Gender: unisex