Wrena Barker, The British doctor #3 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Wrena Barker
#3 - The British doctor

Played by : L. K.

Motto: Memories of the past get you nowhere.
The Crew


THEMES: payback - regret - new life - honour

Barker is a respectable and honourable person, even if sometimes drinks a little too much at the tavern. Previously an officer in the British Navy, W. is a very good doctor, and nobody understands the decision to retire to private life and live on the small island of Melee. Probably Barker’s skills could have led to a great career, but the doctor tells everyone that military life is no longer interesting, and that a quiet life is preferable, even if in those moments a veil of nostalgia always overshadows Barker’s gaze. At sunset the doctor often looks towards the sea, perhaps in search of new adventures, and what better way than to board on the Grace in search of luck?


There are very few respectable people to talk to on the island, and way less on the ship, P. Lafitte is one of those. A. Blackguard, on the contrary, is a gross and annoying person.
Can't stand Guamà nor Adìma the great, two silly superstitious savages.
The doctor is used to often spend time at R. Pulling tavern, tasting as much liqueur as possible.
F. Farìa is an old and true friends. Often at the tavern, they had a few drinks together.

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