Adelaide Sprenger, The Theologian Inquisitor #86 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Adelaide Sprenger
#86 - The Theologian Inquisitor

Interpretato da: S. G.

Motto: When she came closer to the bed, she grabbed the hair on his head and said, ''Give me strength today, Lord God of Israel.'' She struck him in the neck twice with all her might and cut off his head. (Judith 13, 4-8)
Gruppo: The New Reformed Church
Teaser: God's love is second only to His anger towards those who dare to offend His Word. For centuries the Word has been thrown into the mud and smeared with blasphemous lies, then you revealed the Truth of the Book of Judith to the world, and now the daughters of God can find salvation. You are proud to be the humble instrument that revealed this way of redemption, and now you are ready and willing to keep up this good work. With the help of the Virgin Mary you will ruthlessly eradicate the old heresy purify your neigbour, and in doing so you will be both worth of belssings and Salvation. The Holy Roman Church considered your task as driven by divine inspiration, and asked you to take upon yourself the honor and the burden to preserve the doctrine. Your holy work has just begun.

KEY WORDS: faith, ideology, activism, violence, theology

Legami: Your Faith tells you that Maria Sforza can legitimately represent the Word of God on earth. Many times you found yourself inspired by her ideals, and you humbly believe your advice can also be a valid support for her. In your eyes, Stefania Monforte is worthy of blame, as she shows unacceptable softness and tolerance. Benedetta Mirandola seems to support her, but you respect her and you hope that with your help and advice she can repent herself. Even thouth Sonia Parker, is worthy of respect due to her long service as assistant for the Pope. However, she supports blatant liberal ideas tha belong to a forgotten past.. You met one of the boys raised in her orphanage, Julian Bennet. Even though being a male makes his spirit weak, this faithful young man on for his soul. With God's help you will also watch over the sullied souls of those men welcomed within Church like Giulio Pacelli, who hides his sins behind a noble lineage. Clement Sanders, makes his vicious nature evident with every gesture and word. Among the people not connected to the cleregy, you met Madelyn White. You had a formal and pleasant exchanges of opinion about the relationships between Demetra and the Holy Roman Church.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The New Reformed Church - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The New Reformed Church Stefania Monforte (85 ) interpretato da Filippo S; Maria Sforza (84 ) interpretato da Giulia S; Clement Sanders (90 ) interpretato da Omar S; Sonia Parker (88 ) interpretato da Andra K; Benedetta Mirandola (87 ) interpretato da Ida M; Giulio Pacelli (89 ) interpretato da Elio D;