Liz Hartman, The head of department #66 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Liz Hartman
#66 - The head of department

Interpretato da: A. Z.

Motto: You won't be succesful if you settle for less than possible
Gruppo: The Laborers
Teaser: If you want something you need to work hard to get it, that's what you learnt from life. You spent years hoping for someone to notice you, you always worked hard, harder than everyone and your work has always been flawless. Now you have been paid back. However, sitting in your new office, you have the feeling you haven't got everything you could. Even though you noticed your former colleagues, whom you are now managing, looking at you in the corridors geen with envy. You are not a fool, you know that this is not a final position for you, you could achieve much more than this. The path to power and fame is demanding, but you are hungry to take it, step by step. You don't even care where it leads. Your only concern is if you will push so hard when you'll realize those staps have a name on them.

KEY WORDS ambition, love, envy, anger, impotence

Legami: You have received an invitation, along with your colleagues Barbra Koening, Isabel Prince, Beth Rottermeier and Sam Buttler to attend the Great Gala Evening organised by the company. you feel very excited, not just because you will have the chance to meet with the board members, but also because you'll finally have the chance to meet your brother Stan Hartman. Your sister Marie Hartman hates him so fiercely that her feelings towards him ended up ruining your relationship too. Since he left, you haven't heard a single word from him. You never liked the way Mary behaved with him, even though you owe her so much. She raised you as a mother. However you can't forgive how she treated him. You want your family back together. You went shopping with Madelyn White (71, your best friend, to find the perfect dress for the party.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Laborers - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Laborers Beth Rottermeier (65 ) interpretato da Martina C; Sam Buttler (67 ) interpretato da Davide G; Isabel Price (64 ) interpretato da Nadine S; Barbra Koenig (63 ) interpretato da Francesca R. C;