Dorian Cobb, The unlucky smuggler #4 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Dorian Cobb
#4 - The unlucky smuggler

Interpretato da: P. D.

Motto: I make my own fortune, and I'll be darned if somebody says otherwise!
The Crew
Teaser: THEMES: personal quest - misfortune - luck - supernatural

D. Cobb is somebody who has always regarderd themself as a person that can make it on their own. Always a lowlife, too keen to love the promise of easy money and loot, they have experience in thievery and smuggling. A well respected professional in their field, Cobb worked with the best, always stayed true to the path of injustice and never heard a word of reproach from the top tier thieves and killers that Cobb used to work with.
Truly, a blessed career.
Then suddenly, a single action teared Cobb's life apart, shutting down for good their lucky star. Cobb's money, contacts, brilliant carreer! All seems lost, dead and gone. Is it voodoo? Is it a curse? Is it... God?
Cobb is determined to end this! Dodge misfortune and fix life once and for all!

Relations: D. Cobb used to work with Blackguard and they seem to be friends.
There was some history with Langer but they haven't see each other in a while.
Adìma knows of Cobb's last argument with the Dutch boss of the island.
Cobb suspects something about O. Dion and the brothel.

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