Gabriel Cartwright Byrne, The faithful husband #12 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: J. O.

Motto: Youth without beauty always has charm; beauty without youth has none.
Gruppo: The Demetra Management
Teaser: You remember well the first time that Synead Byrne put her eyes on you: you felt like a prey watched by a lioness. She made you her own not with claws, but with expensive gifts and sweet words of love. She desired you fully, and she has always shown it; you are often clumsy, definetly not an ideal husband, as sometimes you fail to say the right word on the right occasion, but still she kept you at the very center of her life. Back then, however, the signs of old age had not yet scratched you, depriving you of the key that has always opened all doors: youth. You are now suspicious of her every behavior, in spite of your dear sister Prudence Cartwright reassuring you, inviting you to concentrate on matters far more important than appearance. Not knowing how to deal with change, you have tried to dedicate yourself to as many activities as possible, including politics, and that's how you ended up assisting the Democratic party candidate to the Senate, the very party your wife supports. Only God knows what other skills you would learn, just to see again that predator gaze in your wife's eyes.

KEY WORDS: appearance, lightness, spontaneity, passion, restlessness.

Legami: Your wife Synead Byrne does not look at you as before and you are doing everything to change this back. Prudence Cartwright has always been a caring sister, but lately she's very hasty about your problems. It was not difficult to get in the sympathy of the Democratic candidate to the Senate Mary Walker and become her assistant, a clear sign that despite the age, there are still some tricks up your sleeve. Sometimes you were seen in the church praying with Giulio Pacelli.

Provenienza: The Demetra - Gruppo: The Demetra Management - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a player who prefers intimist roles.

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