McKenzie, The code master who loves to use her hands #26 [Against All Flags - EN 2]

#26 - The code master who loves to use her hands

Played by : S. L.

Motto: No cause is lost as long as there is even one fool to fight for it
Group: Fuego's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission  , Tew and Caraccioli  . Its fame has grown over the years and has recently attracted Fuego and her crew. After freeing the Malagasy Betsiley  , who had been part of Avery's group for years, from an English prison, Fuego and the others let her guide them to Libertalia. For a month they became part of the free sisters. Betsiley stayed with them to help them settle in. They have brought a breath of fresh air and enthusiastic energy.

Fuego's group is defined by having only been in Libertalia for a month. However, they strongly wanted to find it and be part of it. They also are the owners of the ship on which all the free sisters now find themselves.


The pirate code, in its Libertalia revised and improved form, is what holds you together and makes your community so important. It is also what makes you appear dangerous in the eyes of your enemies. You have succeeded in giving substance to, and then living, a dream of egalitarianism and anarchy that will influence the future of the whole world. You are talked about in all the courts of Europe. More importantly, the oppressed of the world look to you as the ones who have made it. You are willing to do anything for this dream to survive. Even if it means smacking your own sisters in the face.


You have long been training Azure   in combat.
Lately you have become friends with Ace  .
You, Fuego   and Rascal   have been raiding together for ages. You've had it out with Papillon  .
Caraccioli   is your primary inspiration and is teaching you to become the master of ceremony and code keeper.
Seadog   angers you with his pranks.
Kassidy   owes you his life.

- - Group: Fuego's group - Nation: Scotland - Character's Age (playable by anyone): any - Keywords: Code Slaps Tenacity

Other members of the group: Fuego's group Azure (28 ) Played by Alex H; Granada (24 ) Played by Mary L; Papillon (23 ) Played by Joel T; Fuego (21 ) Played by Christian K; Rascal (25 ) Played by Gilles C; Betsiley (27 ) Played by Marine L; Kassidy (29 ) Played by Andrea P; Seadog (30 ) Played by Joern T; Skully (NPC) (22 ) still looking for its player ;