Felizia Castillo, The devoted and pious person #9 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Felizia Castillo
#9 - The devoted and pious person

Played by : E. J.

Motto: The ways of the Lord are endless, but Lucifer's arrogance led him to hell...
The Crew


THEMES: faith - promise - challenge - new dream

Since childhood, Castillo grew up in an abbey and learned the value of faith and pray. Sincere and devoted, the religious loves to help people and maybe, too often, relies on God instead of acting directly. Quiet, shy and reserved, Castillo certainly doesn’t seem the right person to sail to sea, yet left the abbey in Spain to do deeds of good and charity in the New World. Some say that Castillo made a vow, to fulfil which F. has come as far as the remote island of Melee. No one thinks this devoted person fits to be a sailor, but Castillo does not give up, and full of determination and perseverance will follow God's will, even at the bottom of the Ocean if necessary, bringing faith and hope where they are needed. And then a blessing can always be useful when traveling by sea...


J. A. Martinez de Sotomayor   lingers with the gaze on Castillo, more often than not, but the reason why is still to be determined.
E. Aguilar Garcia De la Santa Maria Juana   swears a lot, and apparently have decided that Castillo should act as a confessor to save that weird former soldier from the ''Infierno''.
Castillo is a little concerned about the presence of the creepy GuamĂ   , who shows interest towards Castillo's faith.
Castillo is also concerned about the bad reputation of R. ''El Perro Loco'' Cabrero  , and hopes that what is told about this person is not entirely true.

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