Enriquez Aguilar Garcia De la Santa Maria Juana, The former-fusilier, deserter soldier & master of firearms #7 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Enriquez Aguilar Garcia De la Santa Maria Juana
#7 - The former-fusilier, deserter soldier & master of firearms

Played by : B. D.

Motto: Some birds are not meant to be caged.
The Crew


THEMES: loot - pride - friendship - responsibility

E. Aguilar Garcia was said to be the fastest gun in the service of the Spanish Crown, but also the fastest tongue in responding to superiors, and not exactly in a polite way. The former fusilier is a lone wolf, always has been: can't stand orders, hierarchy or authority, and generally doesn't like to trust others. Outspoken, rude, aggressive, with a talent to come up with the most colourful and inventive insults and blasphemies, the army wasn't really the place for Aguilar, nor any of the jobs that followed, apparently.
Possibly life on board will not be different, but the former Spanish soldier has a dream to fulfill, and the loot that will come from being a pirate is a good enough reason to endure the rest of the crew, for a while...


Shares a weird friendship with P. Lafitte. I. M. Escudero Cortéz used to be a friend, but years ago they argued and they never managed to settle the dispute, there is still tension between those two. F. Castillo is clearly a holy person, one who can save even the worst devils from Hell, that's why Aguilar calls Castillo a friend and a confessor. Gresset is not fit to be their captain. F. Farìa saved Aguilar in a trial, years ago, and didn't even want to get paid. Auguilar swore that would have returned the favour in the future.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Spanish - Gender: unisex - Advices: This character teaches others the art of the firearms, the player should be comfortable with pretending to be a gun master