C. Sandor, The bedazzled trawler #29 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

C. Sandor
#29 - The bedazzled trawler

Played by : F. F.

Motto: What is happening? What am I doing? Who am I?
The Crew


THEMES: mysterious past - misplacement - benevolence

C. Sandor, the mute fisherman, got to Melee Island after a shipwreck, and it is all that they can remember about their past. Everybody felt very comfortable with them, even if Sandor came out of nowhere, and never ever spoke a word. Each day they woke up at dawn, collected the boat, oars, and fishnets. Every day, they sailed the boat, caught fish. Sold fish, went home. Slept on a wooden plank of a bed and woke up to start again. Sunrise, fish. Sunrise, fish breakfast. Sunset, fish dinner. Then, one magical day, a lavish looking Portuguese vessel arrived at the docks. The most pompous and baroque looking figure came down smelling like lavender, instantly charming the good-natured trawler, and turning them into the perfect valet. From that day on, C.'s life has never been the same, and neither their clothes!


T. Langer sometimes goes talking to Sandor on the beach.

Cowman has a familiar face

R. Far├Ča one day just started calling C. his personal vallet, and C. just played it on with it ever since. Life with R. is definitely exciting and it seems to have triggered some memories about C.'s forgotten past

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Caribbean - Gender: unisex